City of Lancaster


Lancaster, PA

  • Building of a 122,000-gallon rainwater-retention system
  • Construction of a 6,000-gallon cistern
  • Addition of trees, permeable pavers, bioretention features, and water-harvesting components

Ewell Plaza in Lancaster, PA, was conceived and designed as a 0.4-acre public gathering place in the city’s downtown area, anchored by a public library, hotel, and several retail shops. As part of the city’s plan to reduce stormwater runoff and sewer system overburdening, Flyway Excavating was hired to design a system for the site that would satisfy sustainability efforts through the use of 14,300 sq ft of permeable pavers and slow-release retention features.

To manage rainwater, we built a 122,000-gallon underground retention system to catch inflow from the plaza and the adjoining parking garage. Additionally, a 6,000-gallon cistern was installed to hold rain to be used later for watering the plaza’s trees and plants. Through clear communication between Flyway and its subcontractors, the work was completed a month early. Today, Ewell Plaza stands as a testament to how municipalities can successfully add sustainable infrastructure through careful planning and partnering with an experienced excavating and waterway improvement company.

For more details about this project, read the case study here.